life’s debris, or ‘history’

a reliquary of long-forgotten things:

rag-dolls, ravished (embraced thread-bare),

and other antidotes to childhood fear;

daguerreotypes; unburnished promise rings;


baby-grows, outgrown before first wear;

coin-collections, three from being complete

propped by pill-boxes, garish and discrete;

a butterfly-clip which once pinned thinning hair,–


each shelf, a shore for many a life’s debris.

these trinkets outlive our dearest memories.


Emerging into Adulthood

The steep incline of adolescence, scaled.
Here, from this mind-made peak, the years begin
as sediment, to shift, and merge, and settle.

But barren path of past, still fertile yet,
Will come to welcome flower-framed revisions,–
Arbouring truth beneath beguiling nettles.

Familiar fingers and faithful feet alone
May now unearth from flora honest stone.