Therapies – An Elegy

18.02.1997 – 08.06.2008

Her skull was a map of inroad scars

For doctors; their colonial quest

To graft that precious, mottled globe.


Tufts of hair would sometimes sprout –

Downy grass to shroud, to pall

That site of neurologic digs,–

Her body stored means of revolt.


Blithe and buoyant I never saw

Those cruel crab-pincers killing her.


Eleven, and still peeling fresh

From life its glossy cellophane,

‘Terminal’ was three syllables

Of a word I’d not collected yet.


Off-air, on frail hiatus days,

Words were her IV escape.

She died.

Now I dose likewise for her sake.


Emerging into Adulthood

The steep incline of adolescence, scaled.
Here, from this mind-made peak, the years begin
as sediment, to shift, and merge, and settle.

But barren path of past, still fertile yet,
Will come to welcome flower-framed revisions,–
Arbouring truth beneath beguiling nettles.

Familiar fingers and faithful feet alone
May now unearth from flora honest stone.